Jeb Bush: “I Was Praising, Not Endorsing” DeSantis

Playbook reports:

It’s no big secret that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is a fan of current Gov. Ron DeSantis. He wrote about DeSantis for Time Magazine. And Bush was the lone former governor to attend DeSantis’ inauguration in January. Bush was also effusive with praise of the governor in a “Fox Nation” special released last week. Bush said DeSantis had been an “effective governor” and praised his response to Hurricane Ian as well as pushback to critical media coverage.

Bush’s comments have been viewed as an all-out endorsement of DeSantis and ricocheted online over the weekend, drawing some angry response from some diehard supporters for former President Donald Trump. But in an email to Playbook, Bush stated that “I was praising, not endorsing.” In that same email, he did not answer a question on who he wanted to see become the Republican nominee.

Read the full article. It sure sounded like an endorsement to anybody who watched the interview.