Iowa Gov’s Bill Would Ban Books, HPV Vaccine Info

Des Moines’ CBS affiliate reports:

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds unveiled a sweeping education bill Thursday that would set new standards for what students can and can’t learn. The bill would require each school district to publish online all materials used in all classes throughout the district and a detailed process for parents to request any material be removed. Any book removed from a school would be put on a statewide “removal list” maintained by the Iowa Department of Education.

The bill would require all Iowa high school students to take a U.S. citizenship test, and schools would be required to provide the results to the Department of Education. The bill would remove the current requirement that Iowa schools teach seventh-grade through 12th-grade students instruction related to human papillomavirus and the availability of a vaccine to prevent HPV.

Read the full article. The bill also establishes broad “Don’t Say Gay” rules for grades K-3, resulting in the elimination of books as seen in Florida and elsewhere.