Ingraham Trashes MTG’s Call For “National Divorce”

“A law prohibiting American citizens – who’ve not committed a crime – from voting would probably not withstand legal scrutiny.And, second, how would like a national divorce be good for conservatism?

“Now, why would we want to embrace the states that gave us Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, but essentially give up on the states that gave us Reagan and Trump? Imagine if Youngkin had given up on Virginia, or if Republicans on Long Island gave up on New York. 

“The last thing we need is an American breakup of any sort. Remember, a motto of this show almost from the start over five years ago has been ‘no state left behind.’

“Just because it often seems like Democrats have given up on America themselves, doesn’t mean ever that Republicans or conservatives should.

“They should not. I’m certainly not willing to give up on the states that gave us Sinatra, John Wayne, or that welcomed my grandparents from Poland.” – Laura Ingraham.