Indiana House Approves Gun Training For Teachers

The Indiana Capital Chronicle reports:

The Indiana House on Tuesday passed a bill providing state funding to train teachers who carry guns in classrooms after an emotional debate. School districts can already authorize the arming of teachers, but there isn’t a specific training curriculum — or much money — to go with it.

“This is just a standardized [training] format that the state will pay for,” author Rep. Jim Lucas, R-Seymour, said on the floor. He’s said the bill is a response to deadly mass shootings at schools across the country.

But Rep. Tonya Pfaff, D-Terre Haute — who has taught math for nearly three decades — said she worries the guns could be stolen or used in small disagreements. House members passed the bill 71-24. All the no votes came from Democrats. The measure now goes to the Senate for consideration.

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Lucas, who as you can see below has a history of racist actions, first appeared on JMG in 2019 when he posted an image of a noose in response to black man accused of rape. Last year he earned widespread condemnation when he approvingly posted a quote from Joseph Goebbels and a link to “the Jewish question.”