Hate Group Has Plan To “Eliminate” Dept Of Education

“We’re not just talking about it. We have the plan. In fact, literally sitting on my desk is the draft of that plan. And I’ll be doing — reading through that today. And so, let me be really, really blunt. We will eliminate the Department of Education piece by piece, block by block.

“It has to be part of the next administration in the first term. We also, as I know is a big interest of yours, going to up end the Department of Justice. And our plan for the Federal Bureau of Investigation is to select-all delete and start from scratch.

“The very reason that we’re issuing this plan or parts of the plan in April of this year is precisely so that two things can happen. Number one, Americans, everyday Americans can be part of this and talking about it, asking people who want to be their elected officials about it.

“But secondly, when we start having debates among the Republican presidential aspirants, they’re talking about that plan. The plan becomes the very reason that we, as Republicans, will nominate someone.” – Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts, speaking to Glenn Beck.