Hannity To MTG: Tie “National Divorce” To Debt Ceiling

Media Matters has the transcript:

I think the Democrats have determined that Republicans won’t stick together. And if they don’t, they’ll be able to raise the debt ceiling and concede nothing to the Republican Party in terms of fiscal discipline or whatever united you would want.

I take a different position. I actually think Kevin McCarthy and 221 of your colleagues are going to unite behind a plan and say that either we instill these discipline measures on the economy and on government and not raise our debt anymore, or we’re not going to go along with increasing the debt ceiling.

I think that’s the more likely scenario. I definitely like the idea of more power being brought to the states and a more decentralized federal government which is bloated and way out of control.

And I think instilling any fiscal discipline, instilling discipline in Congress would be a great goal. You’re not talking about a full divorce. You’re talking about a transfer of power. That’s a very different thing.