GOP To Punish Nashville For Rejecting Its Convention

The Associated Press reports:

The latest statehouse backlash stems back to last summer when Nashville’s metro council spiked a plan to bring the 2024 Republican National Convention to the city. Progressive leaders argued that hosting the massive Republican gathering would go against the city’s values. Others expressed hesitation toward tying up so many city resources — particularly for an event that residents largely wouldn’t attend.

Lawmakers have been swift in filing bills that offer retribution. Legislation has been introduced that would slash Nashville’s 40-member city council in half. A separate bill would give the state control of the governing board for the city’s airport, stadiums and other landmarks, while another proposal would remove Nashville’s ability to charge the tax that funds its convention center.

Read the full article. Other bills would repeal Nashville’s police oversight board and rename John Lewis Way to Trump Boulevard. Nashville is considered to be a relatively blue oasis in the deeply red state.

Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton [photo] appeared here earlier this week when he proposed refusing $1.8 billion in federal education funds so that the state would be freed from anti-discrimination oversight and could further its Christian indoctrination goals in public schools.