GOP Missouri “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Would Apply To K-12

The Insider reports:

A new bill being considered in Missouri would restricts how schools can talk to students about LGBTQ issues and would go further than Florida’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law.

The bill, sponsored by Republican State Sen. Mike Moon, would prohibit any school nurse, counselor, teacher, principal, or other member of staff at a public or charter school from talking about gender identity or sexual orientation with a student.

But while the Florida law technically only applies to teachers of students in kindergarten through third grade, the Missouri bill would apply to students from kindergarten all the way to the 12th grade.

The Springfield News-Leader reports:

“These discussions and conversations will not be had,” Moon said. “This bill is not intended to promote hate of a certain group.

The bill could potentially bar schools from discussing or teaching books that include LGBTQ+ themes or characters, LGBTQ+ history in Missouri and the United States, or even speaking to students about bullying or harassment if it was related to sexual orientation or gender identity.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt more disrespected by a single piece of legislation than this one,” said Sen. Greg Razer, a Kansas City Democrat and one of Missouri’s few openly gay lawmakers.

Moon last appeared on JMG in June 2017 when he slaughtered a chicken on Facebook Live in attempt to make a point about abortion. Yes, really. Moon was a primary sponsor of Missouri’s successful resolution calling for a convention of the states, at which right wingers hope to approve constitutional amendments to ban abortion and same-sex marriage nationwide.