GOP Iowa Gov Backs Hate Group On Anti-LGBTQ Bills

The Iowa Capitol Dispatch reports:

Gov. Kim Reynolds and Republican legislators speaking at a “parental rights” event Thursday pledged to pass legislation this session banning LGBTQ materials in schools and policies allowing students to socially transition without their parents’ consent. “School choice” supporters gathered at Franklin Junior High School in Des Moines Thursday evening for the town hall event, hosted by the conservative nonprofit Moms for Liberty.

“The last few years have provided so many reasons to be in this fight in the arena for kids,” Reynolds said. “And maybe for you it was how they were kept out of school wearing masks for no good reason. Maybe it was demonizing our country. Or an obsession with race in the classroom. I guess my message to you is, stay involved because parents and freedom still matter in Iowa.”

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GOP state Rep. Jeff Shipley told the crowd that “mental illness should not be accommodated as a civil right.” Police ended up removing pro-LGBTQ protesters from the event. Moms For Liberty members have attended Proud Boys demonstrations in multiple cities.