GOP Group Condemns GOP Group For Hosting MTG

The Couer d’Alene Press reports:

The group North Idaho Republicans released a statement Friday criticizing the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee for hosting Greene at their annual Lincoln Day Dinner at The Coeur d’Alene Resort.

It called on Idaho’s elected leaders to refuse to attend the event that is sold out and expected to have about 600 people. โ€œNorth Idaho Republicans stand for the bedrock principles of our party: family, faith, freedom, economic prosperity, personal responsibility and honesty,” the statement said.

“We believe all Idahoans, and most especially Republicans who have built this state must take a stand for these principles and speak out when outside forces threaten our way of life.”

Read the full article. Note that MTG chose to post the photo below on her non-official account, rather than her US House account. Welcoming MTG to the stage in the video below is far-right anti-LGBTQ troll Alex Stein, who was just given a show by Glenn Beck.