Fox News May Not Have Presence At This Year’s CPAC

The Daily Beast reports:

Days ahead of this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, it remains to be seen if and how Fox News will cover the annual right-wing confab amid CPAC boss Matt Schlapp’s alleged groping scandal.

As of publication, Schlapp and his annual convention have all but disappeared from the Fox News universe. None of Fox News Media’s outlets are listed among CPAC 2023’s list of partnering sponsors, which includes the network’s conservative arch-rival Newsmax as well as far-right competitors like Real America’s Voice.

Additionally, Fox staffers told The Daily Beast they have yet to receive any guidance on how they will cover CPAC. An apparent Fox News blackout on CPAC would present a stunning break from previous years, which reliably demonstrated a symbiosis between the cable giant and the right-wing confab.

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