Florida GOP Files Bill To Worsen “Don’t Say Gay” Law

Tampa’s ABC affiliate reports:

Florida lawmakers introduced legislation to prohibit someone describing themselves or others with pronouns besides the ones they were born with, at least in the context of the Florida education system.

It also expands bans on sexual orientation and gender identity topics in schools from kindergarten to third grade, as set up by Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education/Don’t Say Gay” bill to pre-K through eighth grade instead.

Rep. Adam Anderson (R-Palm Harbor) proposed the legislation Tuesday. The bill also applies to more than just public schools in Florida, when it comes to instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity, building on HB 1557 directly for both public and charter schools in Florida.

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The author of Florida’s original “Don’t Say Gay” law resigned in December after being charged with multiple felony counts of COVID relief fraud. Former Rep. Joe Harding is due to go in trial in May. Early this month Harding’s brother-in-law was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison on similar charges.