FL Sheriff’s Deputy Sentenced To 25 Years For Child Sex

Jacksonville’s CBS affiliate reports:

50-year-old Paul Mauricio will be spending the next 25 years behind bars for sex crimes involving a 12-year-old girl. As part of a plea deal, Mauricio, who was an eight-year veteran of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, pleaded guilty to four out of seven sexual assault charges.

A judge sentenced him to 25 years in prison for each charge, which will run concurrently. Mauricio, who could be seen sobbing, addressed the court: ”This is all my fault. 100 percent, all is my fault,” he said. “I gave into the worst human impulses. Words cannot express what I feel, now what I did, and for that I am sorry.”

Read the full article. Clay County, you may recall, has pulled over 100 LGBTQ-related books from school libraries at the behest of an anti-LGBTQ activist.

RELATED: Maurico’s former boss, the showboating “tough on crime” now ex-sheriff of Clay County, first appeared on JMG in 2020 went he vowed to deputize gun-owning private citizens to deal with Black Lives Matter protesters. The following month he was arrested on multiple felony charges related to allegedly “abusing his authority by ordering a deputy to arrest his onetime mistress on ginned up stalking charges.” Days later he lost reelection. In September 2022 he was found not guilty.