FL Bill Would Ban Pride Flags At City Halls And Schools

The Miami New Times reports:

A statehouse bill that would restrict what types of flags fly in Florida government buildings has civil rights advocates questioning whether the measure is aimed at promoting patriotism or exclusionism. “No other flag may be exposed to public view for exhibition or display, in any manner, by a governmental agency, local government, or unit of local government,” the bill reads.

The bill is up for consideration at a cultural flashpoint in Florida over the display of gay pride flags and other symbols of pride and equality in school settings and town halls. Maxx Fenning, president of LGBTQ advocacy group PRISM, says that flag restrictions that ban the gay pride flag are in line with Gov. Ron DeSantis’ browbeating on LGBTQ issues in order to score political points.

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The Florida House sponsor of the bill is Rep. David Borerro, who appeared on JMG in January 2022 for his successful bill mandating that Florida public schools recognize an annual “Victims Of Communism Day.” In the Florida Senate, the sponsor is Sen. Jay Collins [photo], who appeared here earlier this week for his bill to legalize no-permit concealed carry. Republicans hold supermajorities in both Florida chambers. Many Florida cities prominently display the rainbow flag at government buildings during Pride Month.