Filing: Bartiromo Source Claims To “Time-Travel In A Semi-Conscious State” And Is “Internally Decapitated”

Raw Story reports:

Fox News got some of its information on “election fraud” allegations against Dominion Voting Systems from a woman who claims she got the information through a form of “time travel,” the election equipment company’s lawsuit alleges.

“Powell’s source … explained that she gets her information from experiencing something ‘like time-travel in a semi-conscious state,’ allowing her to ‘see what others don’t see, and hear what others don’t hear,’ and she received messages from ‘the wind,'” stated the lawsuit.

“Bartiromo read this email at the time: she responded to Powell saying she had shared this ‘very imp[ortant] info’ with Eric Trump,” the complaint continued.

More from the filing:

What was the evidence for these far-fetched claims that Powell sent to Bartiromo the day before the broadcast? An email entitled “Election Fraud Info” Powell had received from a “source” which the author herself describes as “pretty wackadoodle.”

This email—also received by [former Fox host Lou] Dobbs—alleged Dominion was the “one common thread” in the “voting irregularities in a number of states.”

In addition to promoting lies about Dominion, the sender claimed that Justice Scalia “was purposefully killed at the annual Bohemian Grove camp…during a weeklong human hunting expedition,” and that former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes (who died in 2017) and Rupert Murdoch “secretly huddle most days to determine how best to portray Mr. Trump as badly as possible.”

The author continued: “Who am I? And how do I know all of this?…I’ve had the strangest dreams since I was a little girl….I was internally decapitated, and yet, I live….The Wind tells me I’m a ghost, but I don’t believe it.” The full force of the email’s lunacy comes across by reading it in its entirety.

In the same email, the sender insisted that the late Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch, and the late Justice Anthony Scalia meet daily to take down Trump. Powell’s source claimed that they have this information from experiencing something “like time-travel in a semi-conscious state.”