Far-Right Mob Storms UK Hotel Housing Refugees

The Guardian reports:

Disturbances have broken out in Knowsley near Liverpool after several hundred far-right demonstrators protested against asylum seekers who have been housed in a local hotel by the Home Office.

Merseyside police said three people had been arrested on suspicion of violent disorder. Witnesses at the Suites hotel said missiles were thrown and far-right supporters set a police van and its equipment on fire.

Knowsley’s Labour MP Sir George Howarth said the demonstration was triggered by an “alleged incident posted on social media” and criticised misinformation about refugees being “feather-bedded” at the hotel.

The BBC reports:

Clare Mosley, founder of refugee charity Care4Calais, told the BBC she had been part of a counter-protest in solidarity with migrants.  She said she was “deeply shocked and shaken” to see “hundreds” of protesters, who she described as “far-right”, angry at migrants in the hotel.

The protesters had broken through police lines to surround the hotel at around 20:15 GMT, Ms Mosley added, describing the scene as “like a war zone”.  She said: “The far-right people were very organised and very violent.

“All you could hear was fighting in every direction. Fireworks going off, banging, locks flying, smashing glass, and you could hear people shouting. The police van went right up in flames and exploded, then [the protesters] broke through again and started fighting with the police.”