Ex-Group Accuses O’Keefe Of “Financial Malfeasance”

The Washington Post reports:

James O’Keefe’s departure from Project Veritas, the right-wing organization known for conducting undercover sting operations, came after the board of directors claimed to staff that O’Keefe had endangered the group’s nonprofit status. “Donors donate to our organization in part because of the Tax Deduction available to the donor,” the board members wrote in the memo. If the tax deduction were no longer available, the board members warned, “the organization folds, and with it go our employees.”

The statement asserted that an ongoing review had already found evidence of “financial malfeasance” — specifically that O’Keefe “has spent an excessive amount of donor funds in the last three years on personal luxuries.” It accused him of spending $14,000 on a charter flight under the pretense of seeing a donor but instead to meet someone to fix his boat; paying $60,000 for theatrical productions; and shelling out $150,000 for drivers over the previous 18 months.

Read the full article. O’Keefe claims that he was ousted over an undercover operation which “proved” that Pfizer is intentionally mutating the coronavirus in order to sell new versions of its vaccine. Yeah.