Ethics Panel Asked To Investigate Santos’s Marriage

The New York Times reports:

By 2019, Mr. Santos was divorced, not long before he launched his first congressional campaign. But the old relationship drew new scrutiny on Wednesday, via a letter filed with ethics watchdogs in the House of Representatives requesting an investigation into whether Mr. Santos has violated federal immigration laws.

The request was made by Malcolm Lazin, an L.G.B.T.Q. rights activist and former federal prosecutor, to the House Ethics Committee and Office of Congressional Ethics.

Mr. Lazin does not claim to have any firsthand knowledge or clear evidence that Mr. Santos’s marriage was a sham, instead appending a series of details from news reports that suggest that the couple lived separate lives, including the fact that Mr. Santos dated men during his marriage.

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In August 2022, Santos’s ex-wife became a US citizen after having gained permanent resident status through Santos. Two months later she filed to sponsor her new Brazilian husband for a green card. According to earlier reports, Santos once told a friend that he could make money by marrying a Brazilian national. It’s also been reported that Santos proposed to a former boyfriend years before his divorce became final.