DeSantis Blames “School Unions” For Removed Books

Miami’s ABC affiliate reports:

Duval County schools recently removed a book about Puerto Rican baseball legend “Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates,” by Jonah Winter and Raúl Colón, as part of a “review” for age appropriateness. A blurb for the Clemente book describes the racism the outfielder endured.

DeSantis responded to concerns over book banning by largely dismissing them. “Any time you hear about something that seems so outlandish, just understand, they’re manufacturing that to try to create a narrative,” DeSantis said.

The governor placed the blame on politics. “Come on. I mean, we know Roberto Clemente,” he said. “I mean, seriously. That’s politics.” DeSantis hypothesized on who was to blame. “I think the school unions are involved with this,” he said.

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