DeSantis +5 Over Trump In One-On-One Michigan Poll

The National Review reports:

A consistent theme in early polling of the 2024 Republican primaries is that Ron DeSantis beats Donald Trump if the race comes down to a head-to-head, two-man binary choice. A new poll from Echelon Insights surveying Michigan Republican primary voters tells us that again: If offered only those two choices, 47 percent would choose DeSantis, 42 percent would choose Trump, and 11 percent are not sure. Among all the states Trump won in the 2016 primaries and flipped that November, the one that represents the best case for Trump as the only Republican who could win there was Michigan.

Florida Politics reports:

Donald Trump’s favorite nickname for Ron DeSantis is falling flat. That’s one takeaway from an Echelon Insights survey of 400 Michigan Republicans conducted from Feb. 13-16, which shows that “Ron DeSanctimonious” is a loser, and that Trump’s use of the polysyllabic putdown is hurting the former President more than the Florida Governor. Just 30% of respondents were even aware Trump coined the name for DeSantis . Meanwhile, respondents who had heard the nickname were nine times more likely to think less of Trump than DeSantis.