Cultist Host Blames Turkey Earthquake On Sam Smith

Political Flare reports:

Pete Santilli blames the deaths in Turkey near the Syrian border on the demonic-toned performance on the Grammys. Consider the number of parents who have just lost their children. Consider the number of children that just lost their parents. Consider all the deaths. Consider that it is cold out tonight in that area. And one of our Republicans is blaming it on a five-minute and quickly forgotten performance here in the United States. Not plate tectonics. Unbelievably sick but not particularly surprising.

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Santilli last appeared on JMG in June 2022 when he claimed that the Buffalo mass shooter had been hypnotized by the CIA via “screen flicker technology.”

He first appeared on here in 2013 when he called for shooting Hillary Clinton “in the vagina.”

In 2021, he appeared here when he hosted homocon fake news blogger Jim Hoft to promote Hoft’s crowdfunding campaign to defend the Capitol rioters, who, in Hoft’s words, “only peacefully walked through the Capitol.”

Santilli has claimed that 9/11 was an “inside job,” that Sandy Hook was faked, and that George W. Bush had a role in the assassination of JFK.

In 2016, Santilli was charged with 16 felonies related to the Bundy militia’s occupation of an Oregon federal wildlife refuge. Charges were dropped after the ACLU supported his claim of merely being a live-streaming journalist.