Cuckoo QAnon Nutbag Elected Chair Of Michigan GOP

The Washington Post reports:

Michigan Republicans, reeling from a midterm election rout that many blamed on the influence of former president Donald Trump, responded Saturday by spurning the former president’s choice for state party chair — and choosing someone even more extreme. Kristina Karamo, who refused to concede her 14-point loss for secretary of state in 2022, beat former attorney general candidate Matt DePerno, who had Trump’s endorsement, in three rounds of contentious voting.

The chaotic 11-hour convention, featuring a rowdy standoff over voting procedures and 10 candidates who all ran under a pro-Trump banner, left no doubt that the bulk of the party’s activists in this key battleground state remain firmly committed to election denial and showed no interest in moderating their message.  “Conceding to a fraudulent person is agreeing with the fraud, which I will not do,” Karamo said to cheers in her campaign speech on Saturday.

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Karamo last appeared on JMG when she declared that Democrats drink the blood of children and “sell baby body parts” after abortions.

Before that she appeared here when she declared that demonic possession is real and that it is “sexually transmitted.”

Karoma, who has headlined at multiple QAnon events, also appeared here when she declared that singers Beyonce, Cardi B, and Ariana Grande are pagan witches and “tools of Lucifer.”

Karoma also claims that yoga is a “demonic practice” and that its poses are meant to summon Satan.