Cruz: Zelensky Faked Air Raid Sirens For Biden’s Visit

Mediaite reports:

Texas Senator and part-time podcaster Ted Cruz blasted President Joe Biden for his trip to Kyiv, Ukraine to see President Volodymyr Zelensky amid the Russian invasion. On the Wednesday edition of Verdict with Ted Cruz, the Republican suggested the air raid sirens heard during Biden’s tour of the city were fake.

“The fact that neither Biden nor Zelensky flinch, look around, do anything when the air raid sirens go off, means both of them knew about it because there’s no chance you’re walking through and suddenly air raid sirens go off. You react and you react quickly,” Cruz said.

There is no evidence the sirens were faked. Reporters on the ground from CNN, Fox News, The New York Times and The Guardian reported the sirens are a regular occurrence in the country, and likely the result of a MiG jet flying over Belarus the day of Biden’s visit.

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Per the sources cited above, Biden was surely advised in advance that he’d likely hear the sirens during his visit. Cruz went on to ridicule Zelensky as a “professional actor” whose sweatshirt was part of a “costume.” You know who else was a professional actor? Cruz’s hero Ronald Reagan.