Cruz: Dem Support For Ukraine Is Virtue-Signaling

Mediaite reports:

During the Wednesday edition of his podcast, Verdict with Ted Cruz, Cruz said for Democrats, the Ukraine war has become a virtue-signaling opportunity.

“Democrats, they wear a Ukrainian flag. Zelensky has become, I think People Magazine is gonna name him the sexiest man alive. They’re in love with him,” Cruz said. “A Ukrainian flag has become like a COVID mask. It’s a sign to show your virtue,” Cruz said. “

Now look on the conservative side, there are a lot of us who are Reagan conservatives that believes standing up to Russian aggression is a good idea — that want Russia to lose, that want Putin to lose.” Cruz said leftists’ interest in the Ukraine war “is driving millions of Americans away and saying, ‘All right, if they’re for it, I ain’t for it.’”

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Earlier this week Cruz accused Zelensky of staging the air sirens that sounded during Biden’s visit. That stupid claim was immediately echoed by Trump.