CPAC Staffers Complain Of Toxic Work Environment

The Washington Post reports:

As Schlapp rebuffs the allegation by a former staffer from Herschel Walker’s Georgia Senate campaign, who says he groped him during an Atlanta trip last fall, dozens of current and former employees and board members interviewed by The Washington Post described a wider range of complaints about the longtime Republican power broker and CPAC’s culture under his leadership.

Schlapp is facing multiple challenges, including the exodus of more than half of its staff since 2021.  One former employee notified the EEOC last month of plans to sue over claims that she was fired in retaliation for complaining about a co-worker’s sexist and racist comments. “The culture was toxic,” said the former communication director, Regina Bratton, in an interview. “From my perspective, he acted like a bully.”

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Fox News, Mike Pence, and Ron DeSantis are skipping this year’s convention, which begins tomorrow at the Gaylord National Resort just outside Washington DC. Ticket sales are reportedly down despite scheduled speeches by Trump, Vaseline Woman, Ted Cruz, and a clown car cornucopia of cuckoo crackpots.