Comer: Jared Kushner Has “Already Been Investigated”

Raw Story reports:

ABC host George Stephanopoulos asked Republican House Oversight Chair James Comer (KY) if he would investigate Saudi funds provided to former President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. “It’s clear that you’re going to be looking at Hunter Biden,” the host said.

“I want to put up a front-page story from the Washington Post detailing Jared Kushner’s ties to the Saudis. We know that former President Trump has also received funds related to the Saudis’ golf tour,” he added. “Will you be investigating that as well?”

“The difference between Jared Kushner and Hunter Biden is that Jared Kushner actually sat down and was interviewed,” Comer said. “So, he’s already been investigated.”

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