Christian School Accuses Staff Of Embezzling Millions

The Christian Post reports:

A Utah-based Christian K-12 academy fired four top administrators for their alleged involvement in what is potentially a multi-million dollar embezzlement scheme involving tuition funds.

The Layton Christian Academy has filed a lawsuit in an effort to recoup some of the losses and prevent the accused individuals from accessing the financial records. On Tuesday, the academy held an open discussion with parents at the Children’s Center Auditorium to discuss concerns about a lack of transparency and communication.

The four terminated individuals are Greg Miller, head of the school; Karen Miller, an administrator; Jared Miller, secondary education principal; and Lexie Miller, a student life advisor. The fired administrators are all members of the same family.

Salt Lake City’s NBC affiliate reports:

Court documents from a lawsuit filed by the Christian Life Center Church and obtained by KSL-TV allege that the Miller family was behind a “massive fraud and potentially multi-million dollar embezzlement scheme,” that involved the Millers diverting tuition money to their own business ventures.

The documents also say that Myke Crowder’s son and associate pastor at the school, Chris Crowder, became suspicious of the Millers late last year after an $88,000 invoice was turned in, leading to an internal investigation.

The church has filed the lawsuit to try and recoup some of the money and stop the Millers from having access to the financial records. “If the Millers are not stopped, they could financially destroy Christian Life Center as a whole,” the document said.