CBS: Santos Owes Thousands In Unpaid Traffic Tickets

CBS News reports:

A car registered to Santos was cited six times in 2016 and 2017 in Florida. Two tickets for running red lights were paid, but four toll violations racked up late fees and were ultimately sent to collections agencies according to Florida records. Santos now owes $1,299.10 for those tolls.

A car with the same license plate began piling up citations in New York City — 29 in the next two and a half years. The tickets ran the gamut, from expired meters and double parking to five more red light violations. More than $1,800 in payments were made for 17 citations, but another 12 remain unpaid, with $2,142.61 still due, according to city records.

The New York Post reported in January that a Nissan Rogue driven frequently by Santos had been issued speeding tickets at least five times since he was elected on Nov. 8, “including four times in school zones.”

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Impound his car and garnish his paycheck.