Carlson Guest: Working Women Can Never Be Happy

Media Matters has the transcript:

JESSE KELLY (GUEST): That’s what you see women like Chelsea Handler — feminists like Chelsea Handler — going with now. They’ve been lied to by their society forever, that you could be a “girl boss” and you can do anything a man can do — which everyone who’s ever seen a woman back up a vehicle knows that’s not true.

But either way, they’ve been told that they should do career and don’t do a family or anything like that. And soon you’re Chelsea Handler.

Soon, it’s Valentine’s Day and your womb resembles a dried up tumbleweed blowing down an old Western town, and your Valentine’s Day date for the tenth year in a row is a 10-year-old copy of Magic Mike and a half full bottle of Xanax.

And you’re trying to pretend like you’re happy, but you’re not happy. And it’s actually not her fault. She’s been lied to by a country that has lost its way.

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