Brian Brown: Send Money To Unseat Sen. Joni Ernst

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Tragically, just as the last Congress was wrapping up its lame duck session before Christmas, fourteen Republican Senators betrayed the American people – especially the more than 50 million Americans who went to the polls to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman – by voting to pass the disRespect For Marriage Act.

Shockingly, Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa was one of them. The people of Iowa are strong supporters of marriage being strictly limited to one man and one woman.

When their state Supreme Court imposed gay ‘marriage’ in 2009, they voted overwhelmingly in 2010 against retaining three Supreme Court Justices, including the sitting Chief Justice, removing all three activists from the Iowa Supreme Court. NOM played a critical role in that successful judicial retention campaign.

Please help us fight for marriage and hold Republican Senators like Joni Ernst accountable by making a 2023 donation today.

NOM intends to hold Ernst accountable for helping enact the disRespect For Marriage Act. The good people of Iowa deserve a Senator who reflects their views and values.

Republicans like Joni Ernst who are responsible for this betrayal of marriage hope that voters will soon forget their actions. But NOM will never forget and, with your help, we will hold them to account. Thank you for your support.

Brown has vowed to unseat all 12 Republican senators who voted for the bill. His last two money begs attacked Thom Tillis and Mitt Romney. Today’s email contains 12 separate links to NOM’s donation page.