Book: Melania Advised Trump On Attack On ISIS Leader

The Daily Caller reports:

Then-first lady Melania Trump sat in one of the Situation Room’s most important chairs during the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and offered former President Donald Trump advice after the attack, former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller reveals in his new book. Melania Trump’s presence in the Situation Room was “unexpected,” and she entered as the president’s executive team was “waiting for the final assault” on al-Baghdadi, Miller wrote.

After a discussion about what may happen, Evans told the group that the U.S. “assault force had unleashed their combat dog” into the building with al-Baghdadi, “with our commandos close behind,” Miller wrote. Donald Trump asked the team how he should address the American people about the operation, according to Miller. Melania Trump, to Miller’s surprise, “took over.” “You should talk about the dog,” she said, Miller wrote. “Everyone loves dogs.”

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According to the book, then-Defense Sec. Mark Esper gave up his seat in the Situation Room to Melania. Trump later brought the dog, a German shepherd named Conan, to the White House where he gave it an award for heroism.