Boebert’s 2022 Challenger Launches 2024 Attempt

Colorado Public Radio reports:

Democrat Adam Frisch is running for Congress… again. He officially launched his 2024 bid against GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert with an online announcement Tuesday. “November’s election results show us that Boebert is weak and will be defeated, which is why I have decided to launch my 2024 congressional campaign,” he said in a statement.

“Despite her near-loss in a district that favored Republicans by 9 points, Boebert has only doubled-down on her divisive antics, attention-seeking, and angertainment that does nothing to benefit the people of Southern and Western Colorado.” Given the closeness of last year’s result, a Boebert-Frisch rematch is likely to draw national attention — and money.

Read the full article. Boebert won by only 546 votes after the slim margin triggered an automatic recount.