Bannon Seeks New Lawyers After Stiffing Previous Ones

The Daily Beast reports:

Steve Bannon—the nativist American media personality who’s backed by a Chinese billionaire—hasn’t paid the lawyers who spent years defending him against an onslaught of criminal charges, according to three sources who spoke exclusively to The Daily Beast.

With massive legal bills still outstanding, Bannon is now scrambling to find new attorneys, as he faces a looming trial over the way he scammed the MAGA crowd with a dubious plan to build a privately funded U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Bannon’s refusal to fully pay his bills has stunned some of his close advisers who’ve stuck around for years. “I don’t have any reason to believe he doesn’t have money,” one associate said. Then again, Bannon is also a known grifter and liar with a long history of peddling disinformation.

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