Bannon Roasts MTG’s National Divorce Plan: You Might As Well Go “Spit On The Graves At Arlington Cemetery”

“This country is not going to split up. You might as well go to Arlington National Cemetery and go over to the section of the veterans at Gettysburg and spit on their graves as they even mention that this country would be split apart.

“Here’s the thing. We’re ascendant. We have to have enough confidence in our views to understand we’re a Judeo-Christian country and we are going to return to the Judeo-Christian values.

“And we’re on the side of the righteous. We are not going to surrender, we are not going to some negotiation, take those. I can assure you, I love California, I love New York City. They happen to be run by left-wing progressives.

“But to think that we would ever allow California to just split off and be another country – there are more MAGA Republicans, more Trump Republicans in California than in Florida and Texas combined.” – Steve Bannon, today on some podcast.