Arizona GQP Claims Gov Took Bribes From Drug Cartel

Arizona Central reports:

On Wednesday, Arizona and America learned, via a long-hidden report, that investigators for the state Attorney General’s Office found no fraud was afoot in the 2020 election.

So naturally on Thursday, the election conspiracy crowd at the state Capitol cracked open yet another crackpot theory that the Sinaloan drug cartel bribed Gov. Katie Hobbs, two members of Arizona’s congressional delegation, three of the five Maricopa County supervisors, House Speaker Ben Toma and a who’s who of elected and appointed officials and judges in order to rig our elections.

The accuser, a Scottsdale insurance agent by the name of Jacqueline Breger, had it all. All, that is, but actual evidence to back up her claims. Yet she was invited by a member of the Arizona Legislature to lay out the supposed conspiracy during an all-day livestreamed legislative hearing on elections.

Read the full article. At this writing Hobbs is trending on Twitter because prominent cultists and formerly banned QAnon freak shows are pushing the claim. The clip below currently has 2.4 million views.