“Anti-Grooming” Activist’s Harvard Degree Questioned

The New Republic reports:

On paper, Christopher Rufo, the conservative activist who recently was appointed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to sit on the board of a small Sarasota liberal arts college whose curriculum the governor dislikes, presents his credentials as impeccable: Georgetown University for undergrad and “a master’s from Harvard,” according to his biographical page on the Manhattan Institute’s website.

But that description, and similar ones on Wikipedia, in the press release DeSantis’s office sent out, and on Rufo’s personal website, are at the very least misleading. Rufo received a Master’s in Liberal Arts in Journalism not from Harvard University but from Harvard Extension School in 2022, the school confirmed in an email. Harvard Extension School is meant to be a way for a larger swath of people to gain access to Harvard and receive some kind of accreditation from it.

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