Annual Diversity Art Exhibit Pulled By Florida College

Axios Tampa Bay reports:

Embracing Our Differences — the nonprofit behind the outdoor show that has been displayed annually in Sarasota for two decades — pulled the exhibit at the State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota campus this week after school leaders requested that three pieces of art be removed.

The school found one piece, titled “Being Different Gives the World Color,” objectionable because of the accompanying quotation from Raaina Chadha, a fifth-grade student from New Delhi, India: “Diversity and inclusion are like the needle and thread that stitch together the harmonious fabric of peace for humankind.”

DeSantis announced plans to block state colleges from having DEI programs from SCF’s campus two weeks ago. That same day, 9 miles south, a vandal slashed and threw banners from another Embracing Our Differences art display into the bay at Bayfront Park.

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DEI stands for “diversity, equity, inclusion.”

More photos of the display are at the link.