Adams: NYC Will Evict Any Shop Illegally Selling Weed

The New York Daily News reports:

Mayor Adams and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg put illegal cannabis shops on notice Tuesday that they will face eviction if they continue to break the law. Adams, Bragg and several other top elected officials announced that prosecutors will now rely on a decades-old public nuisance law to evict businesses selling marijuana without a license. Under the policy, landlords and owners will be required to evict tenants engaging in illegal drug sales.

“They will be evicted,” Mayor Adams said during a press conference on the Upper West Side. “New Yorkers have had enough.” The new policy will rely on state property proceedings law, which permits sheriffs to carry out eviction proceedings once they’ve secured permission from a judge. We want to give New York’s legal cannabis market a fair chance to thrive,” Bragg said.Together we can level the playing field.”

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