WaPo: How Santos Took Part In Alleged Ponzi Scheme

The Washington Post reports:

George Santos graciously welcomed his three guests to Il Bacco Ristorante in Queens. Restaurant staff took their coats at the door and escorted them to a private dining room upstairs. Santos had with him business cards from Harbor City Capital. He was ready to make his pitch. Over wine and caprese salad, Santos laid out a can’t-miss investment opportunity to invest in bonds financing digital advertising.

Two of the people he pitched said they did not realize until being contacted by a reporter that the man they’d known as “George Devolder” was the newly elected congressman. “I can’t believe it,” one of the two, Al Conard, said when told that Devolder and Santos are one and the same. Conard, a 60-year-old real estate agent from Minnesota, said he lost $50,000 in Harbor City.

Read the full article. There’s so much more, including the revelation that Santos still owes over $18,000 to the above-named restaurant.