Vaseline Woman Raises Millions On Her Election Lies

The Arizona Mirror reports:

The day that Katie Hobbs was declared the winner of the governor’s race, cash poured into Kari Lake’s campaign, as people from across the country heeded her call to fight back against an election system she said was “BS.” Between the day after the election and the end of the year, Lake received more than 57,000 contributions from 37,281 people. All told, the former television news anchor turned MAGA star raised $2,515,169 after the election.

And that money doesn’t include what Lake raised into a 501(c)(4) nonprofit called the Save America Fund. It was created in early December 2022, and has since become the primary vehicle for Lake to raise cash to continue her legal fight against her election loss. Only $228,000 was spent on the lawsuit aiming to overturn the election — less than 10% of her post-election haul. Most of that, about $187,000, went to Kurt Olsen, the lead lawyer on the lawsuit.

Read the full article. That $2.5 million amount is from over three weeks ago and Lake has surely added much more to the grifting pile since then.