Truth Socials Ads: Scams, Snake Oil, Fake Merchandise

The New York Times reports:

Between posts about conspiracy theories and right-wing grievances was an unusual advertisement: a photo of former President Donald J. Trump holding a $1,000 bill made of gold, which he was apparently offering free to supporters.

But there were a few catches: The bill was not free, it was not made of gold, and it was not offered by Mr. Trump. The ad appeared on Truth Social, the right-wing social network started by Mr. Trump in late 2021, one of many pitches from hucksters and fringe marketers dominating the ads on the site.

One ad for a $2 bill showed a fake tweet from President Biden calling for the Federal Reserve to outlaw the bill. Most of the ads from Truth Social reviewed by The Times used images designed to catch a user’s attention, like grotesque eyeballs and skin abnormalities, typically selling alternative medicines and miracle cures.

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Per the report, virtually zero mainstream brands are advertising on Truth Social. Mixed in with the scam ads are pitches for survivalist gear, MAGA-themed books for children, and “anti-woke” insurance. Oh, and they’re also selling vax cards.