Trump: Wind Turbines “Destroy All The Planes” [VIDEO]

Time Magazine reports:

Well, that was something. By the time former President Donald Trump left a high school auditorium Saturday afternoon—his return to the campaign trail after an unusually sleepy start to his 2024 campaign—he had ricocheted off many of his standbys: indulging conspiracy theories, nursing conservatives’ fears about race and gender, and offering an alternative reality to his successor’s record.

The hour-long diatribe suggested Joe Biden would have been shrewd to throw his son, Hunter, under the bus, that the Taliban were incapable of fighting at night because they lacked “binoculars,” and that wind turbines routinely knock planes out of the sky. It was, in essence, a standard Trump speech, but with a more uneven pacing, and a little weirder and meandering.

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According to Trump, wind turbines “kill all the birds, destroy all the planes, and our beautiful oceans and seas and everything else.”

In the final clip below: “I came up with the name ‘caravan.'”