Trump Claims Accuser Said “It’s Very Sexy To Be Raped”

The Insider reports:

Former President Donald Trump claimed that E. Jean Carroll, who has accused him of sexual assault, said that “rape was sexy” and “indicated that she loved it” when he was deposed in connection to her defamation lawsuit in October. Judge Lewis A. Kaplan unsealed a portion of Trump’s deposition on Friday after his lawyers lost a bid to keep them private.

“She actually indicated that she loved it. Okay? She loved it until the commercial break. In fact, I think she said it was sexy, didn’t she? She said it was very sexy to be raped,” Trump said. Carroll’s attorney Roberta Kaplan then asked: “So, sir, I just want to confirm: It’s your testimony that E. Jean Carroll said that she loved being sexually assaulted by you?”

He responded: “Well, based on her interview with Anderson Cooper, I believe that’s what took place.” Trump repeated the claim that Carroll described rape as sexy several times and suggested that Cooper was in a “panic” over her comments, so he called for a commercial break.

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What Carroll actually said in the CNN interview is that she doesn’t like to use the word “rape” because some people have sexual fantasies about it.

During his deposition, Trump also went on a rant in which he threatened to sue Carroll’s lawyer Roberta Kaplan, after which Kaplan simply said, “Are you done?”

Kaplan is not related to the judge in the case.