Today: RNC Holds Secret Ballot For Chairperson

The Associated Press reports:

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel is fighting for reelection in a bitter leadership feud that’s testing former President Donald Trump’s grip on his own “Make America Great Again” movement.

The high-profile contest to lead the GOP through the 2024 presidential election will be decided Friday afternoon in a secret vote at the committee’s winter meeting in Southern California.

The former president is privately backing McDaniel, whom he picked for the job after his victory in 2016. But rebel factions inside his own MAGA movement have lined up behind her challenger, Trump attorney Harmeet Dhillon.

Read the full article. Much like the House Speaker vote, if no one wins a majority on the first ballot, successive rounds will be held. Mike Lindell has claimed he will win but refuses to say how many of the 165 RNC members eligible to vote are supporting him. Each state party gets three votes and 15 other RNC officials get a vote.