Swastikas Projected Onto Buildings In Two Florida Cities

West Palm Beach’s CBS affiliate reports:

Police said two masked individuals in a rental truck used a projector to reveal a Swastika and other hateful messages on the AT & T building on Saturday night. They had set up in a public parking garage across the street.

“I’m not making accusations, but there’s a group called the Goyim Defense League,” Palm Beach County Human Rights Council president Rand Hoch tells CBS12 News.

“It’s Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. People are recognizing one of our great civil rights leaders. I’m pretty sure this weekend was chosen intentionally to cause as much damage as possible.”

Jacksonville’s NBC affiliate reports:

Hate speech is appearing in Jacksonville. On Saturday, a photo surfaced on multiple social media platforms showing a swastika projected onto the CSX building in Downtown Jacksonville.

“CSX condemns in the strongest terms the antisemitic symbol depicted in the images of our building on January 14,” said the company in a statement.

LeAnna Cumber, who is running for the mayor’s office, will be introducing the legislation Wednesday that would make it unlawful for someone to project images over city property without express approval.

Similar anti-Semitic displays were seen last month at or near NFL games in Florida. Also this weekend anti-Semitic flyers were left at homes in Boca Raton.