Sissy That Walk: Santos Tries To Hide Spotify Playlists

The Daily Beast reports:

George Santos appears to have taken unusual countermeasures to conceal his Spotify—a seemingly innocuous piece of his digital footprint that would only disclose that he is a fan of Brazilian music, enjoys tunes by drag queens, and gives his playlists cringey names like “Vibes” and “Turn Up.”

Wthin hours after the first contact through a voicemail on his cellphone, the account’s name was changed from “Mr. Dee” — a potential play off “Devolder,” one of his known surnames—to “ABC123.”

Mr. Dee’s “Gym” playlist includes songs like “Adrenaline” and “Sissy That Walk” by American drag queen RuPaul. It also includes “American” by RuPaul and the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10—a patriotic ballad for inclusion that counters virtually every facet of Republicans’ anti-LGBTQ platform.

Read the full article. Santos’ playlists also include tracks by popular Brazilian drag queens. Even though the Daily Beast conclusively linked Santos to his Spotify account via the fellow users that he follows, Santos told them he does not use Spotify at all and prefers Pandora.