Santos Used Different Name At 2019 Homocon Event

Mediaite reports:

It’s just another day in the ongoing saga of Rep. George Santos (R-NY), the freshman congressman who is currently living a real-life Catch Me If You Can reboot no one asked for.

On Friday, the Twitter account PatriotTakes tweeted a clip of Santos from 2019 at a “Walk Away LGBT” event in New York. “So, my name’s Anthony Devolder,” Santos says. “I’m a New York City resident. I recently founded a group called United for Trump.”

Curiously, the only hits a Google search returns for “United for Trump” and “Devolder” relate to the below tweet. The group – if it existed at all – seems to have had no online presence whatsoever.

Read the full article. In 2020 Anthony Devolder became George Santos when he launched his first US House bid, likely to escape attention to his shady past.