Santos: Same-Sex Parents Create “Troubled” Children

“The family unit has been under attack for decades in different ways. The flavor of the decade is same-sex couples. They’re teaching in schools that kids don’t need a mommy and a daddy, you can can have two mommies and two daddies. That’s an attack on the family unit.

“I want to go back in time and think, ‘Why would it be bad for minorities in general and that includes me?’ But why would it be bad for us to have a mom and a dad in the same household with your little brothers and sisters?

“But then I keep thinking, because that creates stability and stability raises good individuals who are independent thinkers. When we have instability in the family unit, you wreak havoc.

“One parent can’t parent two kids as well as two parents and there is always that feminine touch to boys from the mother and that masculine touch to boys from the father.

“Same thing goes for the daughters and it creates equilibrium and balance. The scales are tipped and there’s nobody left there and you have just one side, you start seeing  troubled individuals.

“Troubled individuals are easier to manipulate and they buy pretty much anything and drink any Kool Aid you give them.” – George Kitara Anthony Santos Devolder Nahasapeemapetilon Ravanche, speaking in 2020.