Santos: Muggers Stole My Shoes On Fifth Avenue

The Brazilian outlet Piauí reports:

The story took place in New York, in the summer of 2021 – as told by George Anthony Devolder dos Santos, better known as George Santos. He had just walked out of a commercial building after a business engagement when he was intercepted by two muggers on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 55th St.

The criminals took his watch, his briefcase, and found time to demand that he hand over his shoes as well. “At three in the afternoon,” Santos says – and adds, “And before you ask, they weren’t black; they were white, as a matter of fact.”

In the interview, which was conducted over video conference, Santos, with a smile playing on his lips, the sort that tends to appear when the speaker is about to say something positive about himself, revealed that he had decided to donate his entire salary as a congressman – $174,000 – to four NGOs, although he declined to provide their names.

Read the full article. While some of the lies repeated in the interview are now familiar to us, it’s quite the morbidly fascinating piece.