Santos: I Used To Go To The Met Gala, Commission Art

“I have never even been in a position where I suffered any kind of discrimination in Republican circles. But it happens constantly in Democrat circles.

“Whether it’s my ethnicity, whether it’s my orientation, whether it’s my political opinions and views. I mean, it’s the to point where I’ve been ostracized from every single possible social circle.

“I was a guy who used to go to the Met Gala. I’m not invited back. I used to be a guy who would commission parts of the art in museums in New York City.

“I haven’t been about to do that in a long time. They won’t let me go back in the building if I tried. These are things that I used to like doing, but you know, whatever.

“The New York City gay pride said that I was not welcome to join – not that I would – but you know, it’s nice to have the option and to know that I’m not welcome is just a really big, uh, point.

“It’s just the last nail in the coffin.” – George Santos, speaking six months ago in a yet another string of really really stupid lies.

Tickets to NYC’s Met Gala cost $35,000 each and the event is by the invitation of Vogue editor Anna Wintour only.